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Locker Bag

Product code: EB-3

Prices from £27.50

Ideally suited to fit inside most gym lockers, this compact bag is ideal if you have to carry your kit around all day and dont want to be burdened with a larger bag.  Capacity 30 litres.

Kamon will be embroidered in black and white unless specifically requested by email at the time of order.  Any colour substituted by request, will be combined with black or white as a base colour.

  • Choose Japanese Characters Or Kamon (Clan Crest)
    A. Embroidered Japanese Characters B. Embroidered Kamon (Clan Crest)
    Kamon Diameter Approximately 40mm
  • Bag Colour
    Black Navy Royal Blue Red Grey
  • Choice Of Characters
  • Choice Of Mon
    21 23 32 38 39 40 50 51 58 59 63 65 67 68 70 103 110
  • Embroidery Thread Colour
    A. Black B. White C. Gold/Yellow


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Average Rating (2 Reviews): 5 Stars

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  • Nice embroidered locker bag for aikido
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Altho' the internal length is around 40CM, I can get in gi, hakama, zori, tabi, tanto, water bottle, oshibori and yet is not crammed full... the end pockets are useful too. Mine is embroidered with Aikido in Kanji with a Daito-ryu kamon above the Kanji. The bag's compact size is more convenient for carrying on public transport than the Nike bag I had been using... altogether a good quality product, promptly expedited and delivered by standard post.

  • Excellent Kit
    Review left by:
    Tom Wood
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I attend several lessons a week, in 4 different styles ranging from kendo to MMA. This bag is an excellent ‘hold all’ for my collection of kit. It’s currently holding a pair of mat shoes, a gi, contact trousers, t-shirt, gloves, groin guard, gum shield, 2 belts, 3 tenugui, kendogi & hakama with room to spare. The bag is of solid construction and looks sturdy and well made. The embroidered characters are done very well, are clear and easy to read and are well finished with no loose threads or rough edges, etc. Delivery was swift (4 days for a personalised item) and customer service was spot on; my e-mail question was answered in less than 3 minutes!

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