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DVD - Iai: All Japan Kendo Federation

Product code: DVD-IAI

£33.33 (4 in stock)

This is the official Iai DVD publication from the ZNKR.  Covering all 12 Seitei Kata, and with particular emphasis on the most recent additions of Juippon-me and Junihon-me.


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  • DVD - Iai: All Japan Kendo Federation
    Review left by:
    Michel Dome
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Very clear and precise explanations about the 12 forms of ZKNR+ very interesting section about comparison of the common mistake vs the right movements. Good average picture-quality and easy to understand explanations. Still does not replace a real instructor but a pretty good help if you're practicing alone, if you want to improve your iai or if you just can have access to a competent instructor one day. Real good help to keep all forms in mind, to me still one of the most simple, serious and helpfull DVD I've seen on the subject, this one is a five stars and at a very interesting price from, check out the original price from Japan and you'll see what I mean. Thanks ninecircles!

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