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Iaido Handbook

Product code: BOI-1

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The Iaido Handbook is back by popular demand!  Formerly the BKA Iaido Handbook, this latest volume by Peter West Sensei Nanadan Kyoshi, founder of Myoken Dojo, is an invaluable source of information for Iaidoka of all levels.

Simply bound, this volume is all about content, with over 130 pages packed with detailed information and descriptive images.  Information ranges from simple but essential Dojo etiqutte, descriptions of Iaido equipment and care for Iaito swords, through to the most up to date details on Seitei and Koryu Iaido Kata, as well as essential rules and regulations for grading and competition.

A very popular volume for beginners and a perfect starting point for those looks for a comprehensive view of and companion for Iaido practice.


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