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Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido - Okuden

Product code: BOI-14

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The third manual in the series, this detailed pictorial and textual guide to the Okuden level of the Muso Shinden Ryu is unparalleled by any existing publication in the English language.

The books format is clear and easy to follow, describing the whole of the Shoden in detail.  The information starts with the correct Reiho and continues through the intricacies of each of the Chuden Kata, finally ending with a glossary of important terms in both English and Japanese.

Created by Chris Mansfield Sensei, 7th Dan teacher and exponent of the Muso Shinden Koryu system, as an aide to the study and practice of this well subscribed but little documented Ryuha, this manual is a must for practitioners of the Muso Shinden Ryu and will be of great interest to any serious practioners of the Koryu sword drawing arts of Japan.


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