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Custom Made Do - 2mm Deluxe Machine Stitched

Product code: BD-7

Prices from £133.33

These deluxe Do are the best example of machine stitched Bougu available.  Utilising all of the same components as used in hand stitched armour sets, barring the bamboo Dodai, these Do are a fantastic option and compromise for those looking for the best possible Bougu, at an affordable price.

Custom made Do usually take between 6-10 weeks to supply from date of order.


Please Note - M Size Do (65cm-75cm) are only available with smooth plastic Dodai.

  • Step 5: Girth Size
  • Step 6: Embroidery Pattern
    Pattern A - Red & White Diamond Pattern B - Violet & White Diamond Pattern C - Red & Blue Diamond Pattern D - Red Dot/Red & Blue Diamond Pattern E - Red & Yellow Hexagon Pattern F - Rainbow Pattern G - Red Dot Onigumo Pattern H - Blue Dot Onigumo
  • Step 7: Dodai Colour
    Please Note - Only Do Options Marked With * Are Available For XL Size Do (115cm-125cm). B - Black Ishime (Matt)* C - Half Orange/Half Black* D - Half Blue/Half Black E - Half Red/Half Black F - Half Green/Half Black


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