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Custom Made Do - 3mm Machine Stitched

Product code: BD-4

Prices from £105.00

A very good quality Do is suitable for medium to high frequency practice, this armour set will last very many hard training sessions.

Custom made Do usually take between 6-10 weeks to supply from date of order.


Please Note - M Size Do (65cm-75cm) are only available with smooth plastic Dodai.

  • Step 5: Girth Size
  • Step 6: Embroidery Pattern
    Pattern A - Red & White Diamond Pattern B - Violet & White Diamond Pattern C - Red & Blue Diamond Pattern D - Red Dot/Red & Blue Diamond Pattern E - Red & Yellow Hexagon Pattern F - Rainbow Pattern G - Red Dot Onigumo Pattern H - Blue Dot Onigumo
  • Step 7: Dodai Colour
    Please Note - Only Do Options Marked With * Are Available For XL Size Do (115cm-125cm). B - Black Ishime (Matt)* C - Half Orange/Half Black* D - Half Blue/Half Black E - Half Red/Half Black F - Half Green/Half Black


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