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Custom Made Men - 1.5bu Hand Stitched

Product code: BM-8

Prices from £383.33

Hand stitched Bougu are considered by most to be the ultimate in traditionally made Kendo armour.  Painstakingly hand crafted, the stitching of the Men Buton alone takes one craftsperson 8 days of labour.  If you are looking for luxury Bougu, look no further, these beautiful Men will endure many years of practice as you tread the path to mastery.

Custom made Men usually take between 6-10 weeks to supply from date of order.


  • Step 1: Men Size A
  • Step 2: Men Size B
  • Step 6: Embroidery Pattern
    Pattern A - Red & White Diamond Pattern B - Violet & White Diamond Pattern C - Red & Blue Diamond Pattern D - Red Dot/Red & Blue Diamond Pattern E - Red & Yellow Hexagon Pattern F - Rainbow Pattern G - Red Dot Onigumo Pattern H - Blue Dot Onigumo


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