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Custom Made Men - 3mm Naname Zashi Machine Stitched

Product code: BM-4

Prices from £148.33

A very good quality Men is suitable for medium to high frequency practice, this armour set will last very many hard training sessions.

Naname Zashi stitching allows the Men to sit more comfortably on the head without catching on the shoulders, in the same way as a hand stitched Men. As a result many high level practioners prefer this style, as it allows correct head and neck posture along with ease of movement.

Custom made Men usually take between 6-10 weeks to supply from date of order.


  • Step 1: Men Size A
  • Step 2: Men Size B
  • Step 6: Embroidery Pattern
    Pattern A - Red & White Diamond Pattern B - Violet & White Diamond Pattern C - Red & Blue Diamond Pattern D - Red Dot/Red & Blue Diamond Pattern E - Red & Yellow Hexagon Pattern F - Rainbow Pattern G - Red Dot Onigumo Pattern H - Blue Dot Onigumo


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  • My first time in buying here
    Review left by:
    aldo scaramuccia
    Rating: 5 Stars

    So nice a site! Very good work!

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