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Custom Made Bougu Set - 6mm Machine Stitched

Product code: BG-1

Prices from £304.17

Most suitable for beginners and club use, these quality Bougu sets are a great way to get into armour at minimum expense.

Bougu sets come complete with all Himo & Chigawa required for immediate use, as well as a complimentary Tenugui & Bougu bag (Bougu bag's are now traditional Shobu pattern).

Custom made Bougu sets usually take between 6-10 weeks to supply from date of order.


  • Step 1: Men Size A
  • Step 2: Men Size B
  • Step 3: Kote Size A
  • Step 4: Kote Size B
  • Step 5: Girth Size
  • Step 6: Choice Of Bougu Bag
    A: Shoubu Bougu Bag - Free B: Large Bougu Bag: Black - 20% Off


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