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Aikidogi - Intermediate 500g Sashiko Ori

Product code: AG-2-500


Purpose built Aikido Gi, specially designed with the needs of Aikido practice in mind.  All Aikido Gi include drawstring trousers and a proportionately sized white belt.

Features include:

500g Sashiko Ori Fabric – Mid weight rice grain stitch material, the ideal compromise between weight and durabilty.

Short Sleeves – ¾ length sleeves allow access for wrist grabs.

Minimised Reinforcement – Single seams underneath the arms and down the side of the Gi, increase comfort and flexibility whilst reducing weak points.

Shrink To Fit – 3-5% shrinkage is taken account of in the initial cut and our sizing chart.

  • Size
    160cm/Size 3


Product Reviews

Average Rating (12 Reviews): 5 Stars

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  • New Gi
    Review left by:
    mark hutchinson
    Rating: 5 Stars

    As expected my most recent purchase is superb. Excellent fit and quality as ever and the custom embroidery is excellent. Received in quick time too. Thanks once again.

  • Fits well and lasts a long, long time!
    Review left by:
    Carol Harkness
    Rating: 5 Stars

    These are seriously worth the money! After 5 years of practicing 3-4 times a week my Gis, are only now looking a bit worn. The 3 suits I've been rotating have withstood monthly bleachings, a lot of training and a lot of washing in that time. The quality has been excellent, the fabric comfortable and the fit perfect (not easy for a curvy girl to find). The trousers lasted almost as long as the jackets- the only pair to fall apart split only two months ago. Now I'm replacing them, there's no other Gi I'd consider.

  • 500g Aikidogi and red oak bokken
    Review left by:
    Chris Klinger
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I was advised to buy my equipment from Nine Circles by my sensei. I called them before purchasing my gi as I was uncertain as to the most suitable weight for a beginner. Despite calling just at closing time the staff provided thorough advice about the different types of material and sizing, and seemed motivated to find me the right option for my needs, not just the most expensive. This pays off in the long run because I'll be back. The items arrived in perfect condition, on time and carefully packaged. The red oak bokken is beautifully crafted and strong. The 500g Intermediate Aikidogi is comfortable, well-padded and fits properly; the sizing chart certainly seems accurate in my case despite a belly that I hope aikido will remedy! It is sturdy but at the same time allows excellent freedom of movement. Others have mentioned the lack of inner seams in the shoulder and this definitely prevents chafing during breakfalls. As for the weight, this isn't at all noticeable when wearing the jacket; just comfortable.

  • Excellent in every aspect.
    Review left by:
    Jason Smith
    Rating: 5 Stars

    This was my first time ordering from Nine Circles and before I purchased anything, I read the reviews. You always query the authenticity of the reviewers when the comments left are all so glowing and positive but to my surprise everything said about Nine Circles is the truth! I hadn't trained in some years and have put on some bulk as a result and so was unsure as to the size of Gi i would now need. A phone call to Martyn and all was made clear. My Gi arrived 2 days later but there was a problem with the belt size which after another call to Martyn was resolved brilliantly. Very satisfied with the quality of the Gi, delivery time and customer service. I will definitely order again from Nine Circles and can't recommend them strongly enough.

  • My one-stop shop for good reason
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I have previously bought two medium weight aikidogis and a red oak jo from NC, which have all been of outstanding quality, as has the customer support, which has been of a standard I have rarely experienced with any kind of purchase (they even told me to send back my first dogi after it shrunk more than they originally said it would and sent me a bigger one at no extra cost!). I have just received my fourth item from Nine Circles (a red oak bokken) and felt compelled to write a review, which I have never done on this type of comments section, as NC has once again surpassed itself in product quality and delivery speed (my bokken took two days from order to receipt). Thank you for everything NC, you have become my go-to supplier for all things budo and I'm just sorry I haven't given you a great review sooner - although I have posted this on the section for bokken and jo now too, with your well-deseved and long-overdue 5 stars for those items.

  • Excellent Advice
    Review left by:
    S Lawrence
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Nine Circles recommended by my Sensei. I received Sound advice from Martyn when buying my first Gi. It arrived as detailed and fits perfectly. The Gi is very comfortable and great quality. I recommend this Gi and will definitely be visiting Nine Circles for future purchases...

  • What more can i say
    Review left by:
    Glenn Fielding
    Rating: 5 Stars

    The Gi is fantastic quality, its very strong and hard wearing! The service received was amazing throughout, i honestly cant praise Ninecircles enough!!!!! They have definitely gained a new customer and i will not shop anywhere else!!!! remarkable!

  • Worth every penny
    Review left by:
    Stanley Cheong
    Rating: 4 Stars

    This set of Gi is very comfortable after one wash and is of excellent quality. An option for the length of the belt if made available will be great though.

  • Outstanding Customer Service
    Review left by:
    G Bruce
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Being new to, but genuine towards the study of Aikido, I found this supplier via our association website. While uncertain (as all beginners are) I took a leap of faith and ordered all my equipment from here (based upon 'quality not quantity'). From initial advice to aftersales support I could not have made a better investment. At 40 seldom have I seen comparable customer support, and my equipment will certainly serve me for years and years to come. Do not seek a 'bargain' - buy from here.

  • aikidogi
    Review left by:
    matt campbell
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Thank you to Martyn for helping me to size my Aikidogi correctly !! I recieved my order straight away, The quality is superb,It's very comfortable and I'd recommend is Gi, I will buy from 9circles again !!

  • Great Advice
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Received great advice from Martyn on purchasing my first Gi in order to get my height/size correct. Had comments from friends, especially "oh yours hasn't got a seam there" compared to some other Gi which have a seam right across the shoulders. This Gi is comfortable and flexible and great quality. Special thanks to Martyn for going an extra mile with the customer service, I can recommend this Gi and will definitely buy again from 9circles!

  • Excellent Gi
    Review left by:
    Timothy Smith
    Rating: 5 Stars

    i found myelf in need of an akidogi very quickly, having owned a few in the past i was looking for something with a longer life than other gi's i have used, this is an excellent piece of equipment, very comfortable,very well made,superb stitching and top quality fabric, simply the best mid range price Gi i have ever used. The goods were promptly despatched upon payment and i recieved them in good time for my next lesson. Outstanding service all round from ninecircles! i am delighted.

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