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Aikido Hakama - Navy Blue Tetron

Product code: H-2-Aiki-N


This Miyabi Aikido Hakama is made from top quality polyester rayon and incorporates many special features specifically for Aikido.

This Hakama has a rubber Koshi Ita (backplate) which is very forgiving during hours of rolling Ukemi!  It also features extra long Himo (ties) which make it ideal for tying very securely.  The front Himo measure approximately 4.2m and the back Himo are 2.05m.  These Himo are also heavily reinforced with 7 lines of stitching through the length of each tie.

This tried and tested garment is sure to stand up to spirited Aikido practice, a great option for beginners and masters alike!

  • Size
    98cm/Size 26


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