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Hakama - Black Tetron

Product code: H-2-B


These hakama are made from an easy-care Tetron fabric.  Easily cleaned and folded, this an excellent choice even without the consideration of high quality manufacture and long life span.

Made from an identical material to the IG-2 and IG-2-S Iaigi, making this a perfect selection for a perfectly matched set.


  • Size
    102cm/Size 27


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  • Hakama
    Review left by:
    Baur Murza
    Rating: 4 Stars

    Not bad. Pleats are stitched so there is no hassle worrying about losing the folds. The fabric around knees get a bit shiny because of wear (kind of expected because of it's synthetic). Wouldn't recommend intense training with it as the legs can get a bit moist.

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