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Hakama - Indigo Dyed Gokujo Jirushi #11'000 Cotton

Product code: H-9


These Miyabi, Gokujo Jirushi #11000 Bushu Aizome Dyed heavy cotton are some of the finest available on the market.  The Miyabi brand name guarantees a quality and style that are second to none.

This Hakama will last a lifetime and is the ultimate purchase for those looking for a very special item.  This model also features partly stitched in pleats to make folding and general maintainence less labour intensive.

Warning! - Aizome (Indigo) is not a fixed dye and these garments will leak dye and stain objects (and people!) blue.

  • Size
    94cm/Size 25


Product Reviews

Average Rating (7 Reviews): 5 Stars

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  • Super produit
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Après plus de 6 années d'utilisation, avec un peu de précaution et un pliage régulier, mon hakama n'a pas bougé. Au contraire le temps lui confère une jolie patine. C'est un excellent produit que recommande vivement.

  • Great!
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Fast delivery, and a great product. If feels very comfortable, very strong but very light to wear. And the "flush" sound is perfect! I thought I would have more trouble to fold it, but the inner stitch behind the plates make it very easy to handle. I have only used it once, but for now it is a five stars purchase.

  • SUBLIME !!!
    Review left by:
    Jean-Paul (France)
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Incredibly high quality Hakama for the price ! Forget about Tozando, eBogu, All Japan Budogu... you would pay almost twice the price for the equivalent quality. NINE CIRCLES RULES !!!

  • hakama dyed cotton
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Good and fine style

  • hakama
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Wow, This hakama is awesome: its the perfect hakama i wished for. Quality and softness O_o. The stiches in the pleats are usefull: i wish its featured in all my hakama's. The color is also cool, it's not a shiny light blue hakama like the basic hakama. If you kick with it it makes a poff sound, which makes you look more professional .

  • A good product
    Review left by:
    Rating: 4 Stars

    This is my second hakama I have. I bought it at Nine Circles stand in Novara, Italy during WKC-2012 and after five months I am appreciating it so much. Although at first I had not noticed, the fabric is excellent, breathable but strong. In addition, the stitching along the inner folds make it very easy to fold.

  • Quality and style
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I'm very happy with this purchase. It is hard-wearing, looks stylish and feels good on you. Quality is a synonym of this hakama, I recommend it ^^

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