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Hakama - Indigo Dyed Tokujo Jirushi #8,800 Cotton

Product code: H-8


These Miyabi Tokujo Jirushi #8800 Hakama are an excellent model. With heavy woven cotton throughout and high class Aizome Dye (Indigo) this model is a very good value, hardwearing and good looking option.

As with all Miyabi brand products, the quality of this garment is unmistakeable. The materials used are fantastic and the cut of the highest class.

Warning! - Aizome (Indigo) is not a fixed dye and these garments will leak dye and stain objects (and people!) blue.

  • Size
    102cm/Size 27


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  • Class
    Review left by:
    Patrick J.
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Going back to Kendo after 30 years I bought this one due to being allergic to synthetics. All I can say the quality is top notch and exceeded all my expectations. The stitching and cloth is strong and made for hard use. It has the feel of the hakama that I wore in Japan all those years ago that was gifted to me there, but there's something more to it. I would say it's a lifetime buy for me. It's also great see that the customer service of Nine Circles matches the product.

  • A must buy
    Review left by:
    Thomas Evans
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I have been a practitioner of jujutsu,kenjutsu and iaido for many years... The build quality of this hakama is outstanding, easy to iron (creases are stitched in to make ironing easy after wash) when you wash, it doesnt shrink and the himo is firm. no matter what disipline you learn, get this hakama.!!!

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