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Naginata Gi - Cotton

Product code: NG-1


This 100% Cotton Gi for Atarashi Naginata practice, is perfect for both regular practice and competition.

Features a double layer upper section, elasticated short sleeves and Gi ties, to keep the garment closed whilst in use.

  • Size
    160cm/Size S


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Average Rating (3 Reviews): 4 Stars

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  • Bon produit
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    bon produit

  • Naginata Gi
    Review left by:
    Christine Hall
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I bought my first Naginata Gi having had my first training session 2 weeks ago. I have to thank Martyn for his extended help and advice on this wonderful authentic Gi which has the 'split' at the back and is pure cotton. The sizing was perfect! I will be purchasing further items from them in the very near future. Thank you xx

  • naginata gi problem
    Review left by:
    charlotte vandersleyen
    Rating: 3 Stars

    I noticed a problem with your naginata gi, the himo (ties) should not be on the exterior or the gi, they should be hidden (behind the left flap). Also the gi should be longer so your legs wouldn't show trough the side gaps of the hakama. Nine Circles Reply - Thanks for your feedback. These Gi models are produced according to the pattern and style available in many Japanese shops. Other styles of the type you mention surely exist, however these are the standard style used in Japan to our understanding. Thanks again, please feel free to email us if you are looking for different option.

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