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Iaido Zekken (Name Plate)

Product code: IZ-1


Embroidered name plate available with black, white or navy blue base plate, or as Zekken directly onto a Gi purchased separately.  All Zekken will be embroidered with white thread unless an alternative is requested at the time of order (or black onto a white background).

The most common layout for European Dojo is currently Dojo name horizontally at the top in Roman or Kanji, Iaidoka surname vertically in Katakana in the centre and Iaidoka surname horizontally in Roman characters at the bottom.

Production Time: 5-10 working days apprx.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering Zekken we require further information to fulfill your order by email.

1. Describe the layout you require.

2. Please supply any special characters (Kanji). Our Japanese staff can translate your name which usually appears vertically in the Japanese phonetic alphabet (Katakana), however specific Kanji need to be supplied due to the high number of potential variants.

3. Please supply a Phonetic breakdown of all non-English names.

4. Please email with the above information - failure to do so may delay your order. Please also include your on-line order number when sending the above information.

*Standard text designs only.  Last holiday shipping dates may prevent timely delivery for non-UK addresses, please take this additional factor into account.

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