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Kendo Protector - Kote

Product code: KP-6


This very popular protector offers some added padding to reduce injury caused by overenthusiastic Kote cuts. The protector fits under the Kote with velcro fastening.

Measure around the circumference of the wrist to confirm your size.

Up to 19cm = Size M.  Over 19cm = Size L.

Please Note* - These items are sold individually, not as a pair.

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Average Rating (2 Reviews): 4 Stars

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  • Offers little protection
    Review left by:
    Luísa Lourenço
    Rating: 3 Stars

    I've ordered this protector months ago because I was getting some hard kote strikes. However this protector didn't help much in reducing the impacts of hard kote strikes. I've stopped using this product after 1 month of use and switched to another kote protector that absorvs well the impacts.

  • Wrist Protector - Beginner
    Review left by:
    Luke John Vincenti
    Rating: 4 Stars

    I ordered this is addition to a complete Bogu Set - which all arrived in the Netherlands within 2 days of ordering. This is a very comfortable, well fitting and efficient protector - and the only con actually turned out to be just another pro: the loop that goes around the middle finger tore on the 2nd use but this in no way affected the efficiency of the protector and in fact made it a lot more comfortable and allowed much more freedom of wrist movement while also remaining firmly in position. Even with the hardest Kote-strikes, I hardly felt a thing (although that might also have a lot to do with the excellent machine stitched 3mm deer-padded Kote that I also purchased from ninecircles)

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