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Kendo Protector - Wrist & Hand Protector

Product code: KP-12


Traditional Kote protectors add an additional layer of padding to the Kote Buton, the stitched target area from the wrist to the mid forearm.

This specialist protector also covers the the back of the hand, an area often exposed to striking from counter attack or from poorly aimed cuts, and one which is normally unpadded due to it's correspondance with the wrist articulation of traditional Kote.

Because this protector covers the back of the hand, it can increase the Kote size A measurement by up to 2cm.  In most cases this will not cause an issue, however with very closely fitted Kote it may take time for the pad to flatten with use or even to increase the Kote size in use in extreme circumstances.

Measure around the circumference of the wrist to confirm your size.

17-20cm = Size M.  20-24cm = Size L.

Please Note* - These items for the right hand only.

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