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Minosaka Iaito - Higo Koshirae Wakizashi

Product code: MS-3-W

£291.67 (5 in stock)

Minosaka are a famous Japanese Iaito manufacturer with decades of experience in producing swords built specially for Iaido practice.

These 1.5 Shaku Higo Koshirae Wakizashi Iaito are specifically produced as companion swords to the Odachi (Katana) Higo Koshirae models.  They feature matching  detailed steel Tsuba coupled with cotton Ito, simple yet striking hilt fittings and excellent assembly and overall finish.  These pieces also feature a laquered high gloss black Saya and 7 Shaku cotton Sageo.

These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection.  Dispatch can be made within 1-3 days on average and dependant on receipt of practitioner paperwork (UK only).


Please take time to read through our terms and conditions, especially section 7 with regards to sword purchases. You can view these via this link - terms & info

To buy a sword in the UK you will need to provide Nine Circles with copies of documents including proof of identity, address and membership of a bona fide martial arts group. For full details of our requirements please email us


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