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Nosyudo Iaito - Classic Tokujo

Product code: TJ-2

Prices from £470.83

The Nine Circles Tokujo range of Iaito represent the finest quality Japanese Iaito available on the market today. Each sword is hand crafted to the highest standards and all are available with a wide selection of options.

Please click the link to see our current stock Iaito. Each reference number refers to one unique sword that we are holding ready to dispatch.

We hold a limited stock of Iaito immediately available for you.  Alternatively we offer these items as a custom made option available here.

Standard features on the brass Tokujo Iaito:

  • Blade - Cast zinc alloy with groove
  • Ha (Cutting Edge) - Standard (unsharpened)
  • Ito (Hilt Binding) - Cotton
  • Tsuba (Guard) - Cast steel
  • Fuchi/Kashira & Menuki (Hilt Fittings) - Cast brass
  • Habaki & Seppa - Standard Brass
  • Saya (Scabbard) - Black high gloss, black matt or brown matt
  • Weight:  Approx 800g-950g (dependant on length and blade type)

If you have any questions concerning these swords, please contact us for further information.

These swords do not include a stand.


Please take time to read through our terms of use, especially section 7 with regards to sword purchases.  You can view these via the link at the bottom of this page.

To buy a sword in the UK you will need to provide Nine Circles with copies of documents including proof of identity, address and membership of a bona fide martial arts group.  For full details of our requirements please email us.

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Product Reviews

Average Rating (3 Reviews): 5 Stars

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  • Wonderful iaito
    Review left by:
    Robin Lous
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I'm over the moon with my brand new Nosyudo Classic Tokujo iaito (TJ-2.45-025). The weight and balance are perfect for me. Very nice steady blade...not fuzzy whatsoever. Fittings and construction are superb and it looks great. It impressed my Sensei. Last but not least, the "swoosh" is frightening! Thanks a lot NC!

  • Quality iaito and excellent service
    Review left by:
    S. Wong
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Martyn from Nine Circles was very helpful in the process of my first iaito purchase. He took the time to answer all my questions and responded in a very timely manner. When I was ready to place my order I had a slight hiccup with my credit card company but it was quickly resolved and Martyn again assisted with the payment process. Once payment was received the products were process and shipped the following day. To my surprise I received all the items within the week to Canada! Highly recommend Nine Circles! The quality of the iaito is excellent. I had my sensei inspected it due to my limited knowledge of the blade. He said it is well balanced and good quality. The value is good and a great first sword under my belt!

  • My first Zinc Alloy Iaito
    Review left by:
    Oliver Amberg
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I have to say that I was (and still am) always a huge fan of the Kurin Steel Iaitos from NC. But the spring sale was tempting and I've ordered a Tokujo-Iaito. The qualitiy is superb. The sword is very well balanced and it feels like a feather in my hands. The only thing I miss (comparing to the steel Iaitos) is the steadyness of the blade. But it's only bothering me while performing Soete Tsuki. The saya fits perfectly as well. The tsuka maki is very tight. The only minus point is the poor sageo. I replaced it with a silk one by NC which supports the beauty and handling of the sword. Overall a great sword and real value for your money.

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