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Tokujo Iaito - Brass Custom Made

Product code: TJ-1-B

Prices from £470.83

The Nine Circles Tokujo range of Iaito represent the finest quality Japanese Iaito available on the market today. Each sword is hand crafted to the highest standards and all are available with a wide selection of options.

Nine Circles holds a limited stock of this range which are available for immediate dispatch, please check here for swords available immediately.

These swords do not include a stand.

Custom made swords usually take approximately 10-14 weeks to supply.

Standard features on the brass Tokujo Iaito:

  • Blade - Cast zinc alloy with groove
  • Ha (Cutting Edge) - Standard (unsharpened)
  • Ito (Hilt Binding) - Cotton
  • Tsuba (Guard) - Cast steel
  • Fuchi/Kashira & Menuki (Hilt Fittings) - Cast brass
  • Habaki & Seppa - Standard Brass
  • Saya (Scabbard) - Black high gloss, black matt or brown matt
  • Weight:  Approx 800g-950g (dependant on length and blade type)


Please take time to read through our terms of use, especially section 7 with regards to sword purchases.  You can view these via the link at the bottom of this page.

To buy a sword in the UK you will need to provide Nine Circles with copies of documents including proof of identity, address and membership of a bona fide martial arts group.  For full details of our requirements please email us.

  • Step A: Blade Style
    Standard Blade

    Lightweight blades are available for swords up to a maximum length of 2.45 Shaku.  These blades are slightly scaled down and can be expected to weigh between 100g-120g less than a standard weight blade of the same length.

    We generally recommend the lightweight option only for practitioners with pre-existing injuries, ladies and youths or for those of a very slight build.

  • Step B: Blade Length
    2.20 Shaku

    2.25 Shaku

    This sizing chart is based on the standard recommendation of the ZNKR.  Some Ryhua have particular advice regarding blade length so if you are unsure, always seek the advice of your teacher before purchase.

  • Step C: Hamon
    HM-01 Gunome HM-02 Suguha HM-03 Notare #1 HM-04 Notare #2 HM-05 Midare HM-06 Kanesada HM-07 Kanemoto HM-08 Masamune #1 HM-09 Masamune #2 HM-10 Kunimitsu HM-11 Muramasa HM-12 Sukehiro HM-13 Kotetsu
  • Step D: Habaki
    A - Standard Brass B - Brass Yujo
  • Step E: Tsuka Ito (Hilt Binding)
    TM-01 - Black Cotton TM-02 - Brown Cotton TM-04 - Azuki Brown Cotton TM-03 - Steel Blue Cotton TS-01 - Black Silk TS-04 - Brown Silk TS-03 - Azuki Brown Silk TS-05 - Blue Silk TS-07 - Blue Grey Silk TS-09 - Indigo Silk TH-01 - Black Suede TH-03 - Brown Suede TL-02 - Brown Leather
  • Step F: Same
    A - White B - Antique White C - Black
  • Step G: Tsuka Length
    8 sun/24.2cm 8.5 sun/25.8cm
  • Step H: Tsuka Maki Style
    IM-01 - Hineri Maki IM-02 - Kattate Maki
  • Step I: Tsuba
    T-8 T-9 T-10 T-13 T-15 T-16 T-17 T-19 T-21 T-22 T-25 T-27 T-28 T-30 T-31 T-34 T-35 T-36
  • Step J: Menuki
    M-6 M-7 M-9 M-11 M-13 M-14 M-16 M-17 M-20 M-22 M-23 M-25 M-26 M-28 M-30 M-34 M-37 M-38 M-39 M-40
  • Step K: Fuchi Kashira
    K-11 K-12 K-13 K-14 K-15 K-16 K-17 K-18 K-19 K-20 K-21 K-22 K-24 K-25 K-26
  • Step L: Saya
    SY-01 Black Gloss SY-02 Black Ishime SY-03 Brown Ishime SY-05 SY-44 SY-07 SY-45 SY-40 SY-31 SY-32 SY-16
  • Step M: Kojiri

    An upgrade to a metal Kojiri will add the matching end pommel to your Saya, designs as shown alongside the Fuchi Kashira selection.

    B - Brass


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Average Rating (2 Reviews): 5 Stars

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  • Tokujo iaito
    Review left by:
    Casper ottosson
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I have now owned this custom built iaito for aprox 3 months now, and it's lovely. The balance and the cutting sound is very good. The ito was very good wrapped (it was wrapped tight and good), the blade also fitted well into the tsuka and the saya was also fitted quite well with the blade. The notare #2 hamon was beautiful and looked very real. I've had no problem whatsoever with the sword. It did take a long time to get the sword, but trust me... It's totally worth the wait.

  • custom build Tokujo
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Well three weeks into owning my new tokujo iaito, and I have to say I am loving it. The very long wait 15.5 weeks was a long time for someone with the patients of a gnat, but it seems to have been worth it. The custom build is great as the sword is tailored to what you want and the finish is top notch, with a really nice hamon. The saya is a deep rich colour with a high lacquered finish. The balance is good and the audible feedback has a nice sound to it. The Tsuka is only single pegged which I thought unusual, but seems fine but it is early days. Would I recommend this custom build? Yes absolutely as it compares well with a Tozando blade of the same price bracket, which was bought four months ago by a friend. I may post an update in a couple of months time. But for now I'm well pleased.

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