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Nosyudo Tokujo Lightweight Iaito - Take

Product code: NT-L-B


The Noshyudo Tokujo Iaito represent the finest quality Japanese Iaito available on the market today. Each sword is hand crafted in Seki, Japan to the highest standards of traditional sword production.

Bamboo has a special symbolism for Budoka, pointing towards a path of continuous development and growth and a strength born of a flexible spirit, unbroken by even the fiercest storm.
Our Také (bamboo) model combines a beautifully designed Také Tsuba and hilt fittings with a top quality Keiryo lightweight Toshin (blade) for the serious Iaido practitioner.

We also offer a custom made option for Noshyudo Iaito available here.

Standard features on the Noshyudo Tokujo Lightweight Iaito:

  • Blade - Keiryo Lightweight zinc alloy with groove: Maximum Length 2.45 Shaku
  • Ha (Cutting Edge) - Standard (unsharpened)
  • Tsuka Ito (Hilt Binding) - Cotton
  • Natural Samé - Black
  • Tsuba (Guard) - Cast steel
  • Fuchi/Kashira & Menuki (Hilt Fittings) - Cast brass
  • Habaki & Seppa - Brass
  • Saya (Scabbard) - Black Ro (Gloss)

If you have any questions concerning these swords, please contact us for further information.

These swords do not include a stand.


Please take time to read through our terms of use, especially section 7 with regards to sword purchases.  You can view these via the link at the bottom of this page.

To buy a sword in the UK you will need to provide Nine Circles with copies of documents including proof of identity, address and membership of a bona fide martial arts group.  For full details of our requirements please email us.


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