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Kurin Shinken - Wakizashi

Product code: KSW-1


Kurin swords represent some of the best value production Shinken on the global market. Specialising in high quality tools for Iaido and Tameshigiri, Kurin's models bridge the gap between production models and bespoke Nihonto, at a fraction of the price.

Features of these models include:

  • Tameshigiri Blade - full profile blades without Hi, suitable for full spirited test cutting practice of appropriate targets.
  • T-10 Steel - high carbon mono-steel, forged and differentially tempered to produce a variable hardness (Ha - 57HRC, Mune 35HRC).
  • Hand Polish - traditional stones are used throughout the polishing process to produce an outstanding finish, showing the grain of the steel and to reveal the genuine Hamon.
  • Silver Kanagu - silver fittings in classic Japanese designs bring an additional touch of class to complete the package.

These swords do not include a stand.

Warning - These swords are extremely sharp, Nine Circles does not accept any liability for any injury caused through their use.

 UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE - Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details.

Ref No. Weight Length Fuchi/Kashira Tsuba More Pictures
KSK-1.50-019 760g 1.50 Hiranami Kinsan
KSK-1.50-020 768g 1.50 Hiranami Kinsan
KSK-1.50-022 783g 1.50 Tombo Kinsan



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