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Special Edition: Iwama Aiki

Product code: Iwama-Daito

£38.33 (226 in stock)

Described as 'the birthplace of Aikido' by O'Sensei (Ueshiba Morihei), Iwama, a rural town in Ibaraki prefecture, north of Tokyo, is home to the Aiki shrine and holds a special place in the hearts of Aikidoka the world over.

It is in Iwama that O'Sensei was able to dedicate himself to the pursuit of his art, immersing himself in physical and spiritual practice to polish body and mind.

This specially selected Shiro Kashi (white oak) Bokuto, features natural finish Iwama Aiki Kanji, celebrating the founders deep connection with Iwama and the spiritual roots of Aikido's global movement for peace.

103cm long with an approximate weight of 680g - Natural materials will vary in weight between individual pieces.



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