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Special Edition: Musashi Oar Suburi

Product code: Musashi-Oar

£51.67 (25 in stock)

Miyamoto Musashi is possibly the most famous Bushi (Samurai) of all time and certainly one of the most notable and deadly swordsmen the world has ever seen.

The story of Musashi's duel at Ganryu Island, where he fashioned a weapon from an oar on his way to duel Sasaki Kojiro, is the stuff of legend and has been immortalised in literature and film.

This special edition oar Suburi Bokken features black engraved Shodo style Kanji which correspond with the chapters of the book five rings, Musashi's classic text on strategy and swordsmanship.

Specially selected Shiro Kashi (white oak), 117cm long with an approximate weight of 1100g - Natural materials will vary in weight between individual pieces.



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