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Keishi Ryu Daito - 101cm

Product code: A-KRD

£28.33 (39 in stock)

The heaviest and all around beefiest non suburi Bokken we stock, this Keishi Ryu Daito Daito will stand up to very heavy punishment.  This Daito is utilised by the Japanese police in their own martial training (Keishi lit - Police). 

Does not include Tsuba & Dome, however this Bokken will take a Tsuba which has been adjusted to fit.  Complete length 101.5cm.

Available in:

Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons.  These weapons have a straight, fine & consistent grain throughout their length and have the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

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  • Solid upgrade
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Upgraded from my grooved bokken to this as i needed something that could withstand more punishment. Got this one for partnered bokken work (kumitachi) as several other members of my club use them. Feels a lot thicker and the tsuka is a bit longer than the grooved bokken. Can't wait for practice on Friday!

  • just like real katana weight and feel
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    This is great bokken - weight and feel just like a real katana. Very good for Iaido and Kendo.

  • Excellent!
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Excellent bokken for those looking for a heavy non-suburi bokken. This bokken can be used in kendo (as it takes a tsuba after some adjustments) while providing the muscle-building benefits of a suburi bokken. Best way to fit a tsuba is to use a regular or needle file to enlarge it.

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