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Bamboo Daito - 102cm

Product code: A-BD


Bamboo is a great material for constructing practice weapons as it is both light and tough.  Also as bamboo is a sustainable resource, you can buy this item with a clear conscience, safe in the knowledge that you are helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

Available in:

Laminated Bamboo - Light and strong, these laminated bamboo Bokken are a great option for those looking for a lighter practice weapon or for those whose eco principles preclude more traditional materials. 

Includes Tsuba & Dome.

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  • Bamboo Bokken
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    Rating: 5 Stars

    Don't really know what I was expecting from this but when it arrived was very impressed. very good quality in its finish. Think I was expecting it to be really light but surprisingly it has a comfortable weight to it doesn't feel like I'm waving a hollow bokken around. I think for those like myself that don't get to practice a lot of bokken work this is ideal as with heavier bokkens that I have practice with my shoulders tire quickly as I'm not always doing the technique right were this bokken lets you get away with it for a while longer. Well worth having in your weapons bag........

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