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Gunryu Ladies Dobari Shinai

Product code: BS-2-W

Prices from £27.50

These great Dobari Shinai have been specially produced for ladies.   With a slimmed down grip and reduced overall weight these models offer the ideal option for both regular training and competition.

Available in size 38 and 39 only.  These Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.

Please Note!  These pieces are guaranteed to conform to competition weight standards.

Class Model Size Style Av. Weight
Av. Balance
(Tip Below
Ladies Gunryu Ladies 38 Dobari 464g 61.5cm 9.0cm 9.5cm 14.0cm 8.0cm Standard
Gunryu Ladies 39 Dobari 463g 66cm 9.5cm 9.8cm 14.2cm 7.5cm Standard


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Average Rating (2 Reviews): 4 Stars

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  • Nice weight and durable enough
    Review left by:
    Luísa Lourenço
    Rating: 4 Stars

    I enjoy this shinai although I'm not very experienced when it comes to shinais (lack of choices in shinais plus high shipping costs makes me buy pretty much the same shinais over and over again). I've had better balanced shinais before but their bamboo started to literally rip itself apart inside out into multitudes of splinters that ran down along the upper sections of the staves. I'm not sure if this is normal or if I got a defective shinai but I rather have a more durable shinai like this Gunryu shinai than a better balanced one for now. I'm using for it for almost 2 months and only now I found some splinters that were easily sanded off. On the negative side I've found the nakayui flimsy, so flimsy that I have to re-tie it before every practice. I think it's because the leather is very thin (Weight Reduction! NC). Still it has nice balance so overall this is a good shinai and the cheapest you can probably get with decent quality. I'm hoping it will last all season or at least half of it.

  • Beautiful
    Review left by:
    Garance Parker
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Very nice Shinai. Well balanced and easy to hold. Well made and quite cute with the red/white Sakura detail. Will definitely buy that one again.

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