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Nito Shinai

Product code: Nito Shinai

Prices from £23.33

Specialist Shinai produced specifically for Nito Kendo.

The Shoto (Kodachi) is produced from selcted bamboo, resulting in a nicely weight, high quality compact tool for Nito Shiai.

The Daito (Odachi) is specially balanced for single hand use.  It features an oval grip Tsuka, improving the tactile feedback to better orientate the Mune.  A great improvement over more standard size 37 Shinai models.

Available individually or as a pair.  All Shinai are supplied complete with Tsuba & Dome.

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  • Shoto
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Top quality shoto. Practically indestructible. Great to have a hard-to-find item right here in the UK.

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