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Tombo Push On Dome

Product code: SP-12-C


Blue synthetic leather push on Dome for Shinai, with Tombo (dragonfly) pattern.

Suitable for size 38 or 39 Shinai.  Available with red, blue or grey tombo pattern.

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  • Good but do not remove it
    Review left by:
    Stéphane D
    Rating: 4 Stars

    It suits perfectly my 39" shinai. The product looks first cheap but it will resist easily many months. As mentioned by others, it keeps the tsuba in place very well and it does a better job than the "classic" rubber tsubadome. Once placed on your shinai, do not remove it after every training, keep it in place. Otherwise, the rubber part will be broken after a couple of weeks...

  • Great item
    Review left by:
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I got one of these to put on my oval grip shinai. It works well on them too. It was to replace my old tie on leather dome and works much better at keeping the tsuba in place than that did. It doesnt chew into the tsukagawa when removing it unlike the standard dome as much either, and itlooks great.

  • Very impressed with the details
    Review left by:
    Cristian Zumelzu
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I purchased a couple of this tsuba dome for my Kendo practice. WhenI received I thought that this tsuba dome would not fit in my 39" shinai, but after I've used I understand it why they did it this way. There is not way the tsuba will moved from tsuka, it fix it safelly in the place and will keep in that place after more than an hour of practice. Nice... very nice. And the tombo detail is really cute too.

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