Aikidogi Jacket - Natsu Zashi Light-weight Gi

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Aikidogi Jacket - Natsu Zashi Light-weight Gi

£25.00 ex VAT
£30.00 inc VAT

The Miyabi® summer weave Aikidogi Jacket is the perfect option for hot weather training.  With a focus on comfort, speed of drying and ease of care, the patented man made Hi-Cool® fabric wicks away perspiration, allows fresh air in and moisture out, for optimal cooling during practice.


Features Include:


Specialist Fabric - Hi-Cool® summer weave polyester.  Beautifully soft and flexible, fast drying and with a degree stretch designed to maximise comfort.


Traditional Cut - An additional seam at the waist gives this uniform the classical look of a traditional Sashiko Ori Aikidogi.


Tailored Aikido Sleeves - The traditionally tailored sleeves are the perfect length to subtly expose the wrists for grabbing attacks and are just the right aperture for comfort and style, whilst reducing the risk of accidental snagging


Easy Care - With zero shrinkage and super fast drying time this Gi is perfect for high frequency practice.



Gi Embroidery



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£25.00 ex VAT £30.00 inc VAT


Comfortable Fit, Weird Rolls
I ordered this during this unusually warm summer, in the hope it would make our airless dojo more bearable. It certainly is lighter and softer than my usual jacket, but feels almost like wearing pyjamas. Due to the very soft fabric, it is almost frictionless, so every time I hit the mat, I feel like I glide about an extra 6 inches before I can roll back up! Also, it's quite stretchy, so it may not be appropriate for any gi-grabbing techniques. All that said, I do enjoy the lighter weight and softer collar, so I would buy again.

I like this jacket very much in the summer. My sensei asked me where I'd bought it. I referred him to you. :)

Lightweight Gi
It arrived this morning, Hooray!, within about 24 hours of my calling you, and it is now packed in my case ready for zipping off on Friday for an Aikido weekend, so thanks very much to everyone involved. And as certainly I expect to be asked about my lovely jacket - well, it

Summer Gi
Jacket only, very light and comfortable. It would be good if it also with bottoms to match

Nice but...
Nice quality. Similar to what was mentioned in another review, after two sessions, the jacket is a little loose at the seams. Secondly, this jacket fits on the larger size, I recommend 1/2 size smaller than your usual keikogi uwari. It is nice and cool though!

Excellent service as usual and a fantastic product.
I could not believe how light and comfortable this was when it arrived, I have used it for a few weeks now and every use it has been washed, and it still seems to retain its original creases and looks just as good as when I opened the packaging. It is breathable and lightweight and unbelievably soft. Showed it to my club and they like it, and are ordering their own. Very impressed and happy. Thank you nine circles for providing first class products and customer service.

Good but not sturdy
Firstly it is very different to the usual gis, it is light weight and brilliant for summer. The material breathes well and really helps keep you cool. The downside is that I have already felt it rip slightly, if doing techniques involving the gi being grabbed it will suffer over time. For me I will wear this when teaching but when practicing in other clubs I will resort to the 8oz gis as they are fair hardier.

Peculiar gi, great service.
This is a pretty odd gi if you're used to cotton ones. However, it's comfortable to wear and seems hard-wearing enough to deal with kate dori and the like (it's early days though). Great service, as ever.

Feels very odd if you are used to a conventional cotton gi. Incredibly light. Still, solves a problem.

Brilliant service and Gi
Amazing service! Ordered Tuesday evening and arrived this morning (Friday) very pleased! Excellent Gi lightweight with a lovely weaved pattern. I would highly recommend this Gi, I M also considering buying another one! Martin was very helpful over the phone Thank you

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