Aikido Hakama - Black Tetron

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Aikido Hakama - Black Tetron

£45.00 ex VAT
£54.00 inc VAT

This black Miyabi Aikido Hakama is made from top quality Tetron (polyester/rayon) and incorporates many special features for Aikido practice.


This Hakama features a deformable rubber Koshi Ita (backplate), extra long* front and back Himo (ties) to facilitate Aikido style fastening, 7 lines of Himo stitching to improve knotting, partially stitched in pleats to keep the Hakama structure sharp, reinforced side vents for extra strength at a common point of failure and a classic Japanese cut.


Top quality materials and manufacturing combined with innovative design are the hallmarks of the Miyabi brand. Here, they have resulted in another great Hakama in the H-2-Aiki, the most popular Aikido Hakama in our range and one of the best value option on the market.


*Front Himo measure approximately 4.20m and the back Himo are 2.05m.



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This is a great quality hakama
I love this hakama, The wide straps ensures it stays in place. I have been wearing it for few years now I am still very happy with it!

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