Aikido Hakama - Black Tetron

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Aikido Hakama - Black Tetron

£45.00 ex VAT
£54.00 inc VAT

This black Miyabi Aikido Hakama is made from top quality Tetron (polyester/rayon) and incorporates many special features for Aikido practice.


This Hakama features a deformable rubber Koshi Ita (backplate), extra long* front and back Himo (ties) to facilitate Aikido style fastening, 7 lines of Himo stitching to improve knotting, partially stitched in pleats to keep the Hakama structure sharp, reinforced side vents for extra strength at a common point of failure and a classic Japanese cut.


Top quality materials and manufacturing combined with innovative design are the hallmarks of the Miyabi brand. Here, they have resulted in another great Hakama in the H-2-Aiki, the most popular Aikido Hakama in our range and one of the best value option on the market.


*Front Himo measure approximately 4.20m and the back Himo are 2.05m.



Hakama Embroidery



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£45.00 ex VAT £54.00 inc VAT

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This is a great quality hakama
I love this hakama, The wide straps ensures it stays in place. I have been wearing it for few years now I am still very happy with it!

Outstanding Delivery
Guys, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service. I ordered @ 1.45pm and the goods were delivered at 8.30am the next morning. Great Customer service is alive and kicking at Nine Circles, thanks again.

Received my hakama. What a fantastic job on the stitching. A thing of beauty. This is my first one. A suggestion is my only thing .A simple sheet showing how to tie your hakama and how to fold and care for it might be helpful. . I shall enjoy wearing it. Thanks so much to Nine Circles.

Ich habe diesen Hakama als Geschenk f

Het is een kwaliteitsvolle hakama (It is a quality hakama)

aikido hakama
well done...

it's good hakama

Hakama H-2-Aiki-B-23
My second hakama pucheased last June. The first hakama I purchased a few years ago was for practicing jujutsu, bikenjutsu and hanbojutsu. But this Miyabi hakama I bought for aikido and the flexible koshi-ito is so sensible an approach for safe akemi. The tetron material is strong and stitching is very durable and the folds stay in place time and time again. Nine Circles providing a proper length calculator on the web site is an excellent idea and very much appreciated customer service.

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