Tozando Deluxe Polyester Aikido Hakama

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Tozando Deluxe Polyester Aikido Hakama

£125.00 £75.00 ex VAT
£90.00 inc VAT

The deluxe Tozando Polyester Aikido Hakama offers the epitome of quality for Aikido, durable, sleek and beautifully tailored, so that you both look and perform at your best in the Dojo.


Crafted from a specially selected cashmere look, extra soft, extra smooth polyester by the experts at the Nishijin Workshop, Kyoto, Japan, this extraordinary Hakama sets a new standard for the ultimate in style and quality.


“The best aikido hakama ever!” - Stanley Pranin


Features include:


Engineered Rubber Koshiita – Designed with Ukemi in mind, the insert of the back plate is made of a flexible, yet durable, rubber composite which deforms under pressure, preventing discomfort and injury.


Inner-Stitched Pleats - The crisply pressed pleats feature an internal stitch to prevent the Hakama pleats from losing their shape, and to assist with easy care and folding.


Classic Cut - Thanks to the experienced craftspeople at Tozando this Aikido Hakama has been cut and tailored in such a way that it prevents the pleats from opening up too much in use and keeps a clean silhouette when worn.


Specialised Himo Stitching - The whole Hakama Himo is reinforced, with seven lines of longitudinal stitching, making the ties more durable and better able to form a tight knot.


Tailored Cut-out – Along with the perfect classic Aikido cut, the front section of the Hakama is specially raised with a shortened length to allow the free movement of the feet and reduce the risk of tripping in motion.



Hakama Embroidery



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£75.00 ex VAT £90.00 inc VAT

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