Deluxe Beech Kashima Shin Ryu Daito - 105cm

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Deluxe Beech Kashima Shin Ryu Daito - 105cm

£49.17 ex VAT
£59.00 inc VAT

BOGOF OFFER! Buy One, Get One Free on these Bokken, offer must end soon!


Japanese Buna (Beech) Kashima Shin Ryu Daito complete with traditional wooden Tsuba.


Approximately 100g lighter than White Oak models, with a thicker profile than a standard Daito and a less Sori (curvature).  Buna is more tightly grained material which dents less readily than Oak and flexes less on impact, whilst being lighter overall in the hand.  Perfect for a thicker style of Bokuto where bulk can be increased without compromising handling.


Total length 105cm.  Includes wooden Tsuba and rubber Dome.


Bokken Engraving



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£49.17 ex VAT £59.00 inc VAT


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