Aikido Randori - Nariyama

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Aikido Randori - Nariyama

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Judo and Kendo are well known for including competitive practices and, as an extension, competitions.  Competitive Aikido is less well known but it equal to both as a contemporary Budo from historical, technical and education viewpoints.


It was created by Kenji Tomiki (1900-1979) incorporating the techniques that were excluded from competitive Judo.  His hard work and research in the latter years of his life concluded in the systematic practice method for Randori (competitive practice within the limits of certain rules) within Aikido.


This practice system is described here in detail along with an explanation of the underlying principles and a clarification of the historical and theoretical foundations of competitive Aikido.


Tetsuro Nariyama is the Chief Technical Director of the Japan Aikido Association (JAA).

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