Aikido Daito - 103cm

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Aikido Daito - 103cm

34.85 ex VAT
41.81 inc VAT

White oak Iwama (Aikido) Daito designed for solo and partner work in Aikido practice.

These models feature a squared off Saki (tip) in accordance with many Dojo and organisation's safety regulations. A firm favourite with many of our Aikido customers. Complete length 40.5 in./103cm.

Available in: Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine, consistent grain throughout their length and offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


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34.85 ex VAT 41.81 inc VAT

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Very Good Quality Item
Very good quality item. Nice weight and hard wearing appearance. Mine did not appear to be what I would call varnished, like I have received from other suppliers. I will recommend this bokken to all of my students

Good student bokken for Iwama Aikido
This is a good bokken for new students or to fill the club weapons bag. The weight is highly variable, I have had a range from 698g to 839g. I would prefer consistently +800g. It is annoying that they are varnished, as this means a sanding session before use. I echo Ray's thoughts, perhaps a "premium" Iwama bokken could be added? Nine Circles Reply - These weapons are not varnished, only polished to a finish during production. Weights will vary due to these being made from a natural material. If you have specific requirements for weight please contact us at the time of order for assistance.

Stunning product - excellent service as usual
Just unwrapped the parcel and took the bokken for a test drive in the car park. Whilst my fellow workers might not have appreciated my suburi, I certainly appreciate the weight and feel of this bokken. Excellent product and fast shipping. Typical Nine Circles brilliance.

A Nice Tough Bokken
I've been using this weapon for quite some time now. A number of students at our school have had their bokkens chopped neatly in half by our teacher's own bokken technique. I am glad that this one has survived so far. It could benefit, I think, from being a little heavier and my particular one could be a bit better balanced, but otherwise it's great!

Excellent Bokken
Good size, weight, balance. Many of my club Aikidoka have asked for the details and going the same way.

I bought mine two years or more ago, and it is still in excellent condition, this is after Daily practice and teaching. This bokken will and has withstood a lot of punishment. Very happy.

Quite good... w/ a little but...
I agree with my friend Ray. Having them 2cm longer will be perfect... and more perfect if also done for "Iwama Jo" :)

These boken are good quality and great value for money. My own bokken bought in Iwama 10 years ago is 2 cms longer and has a denser grain which makes it heavier so if these improvements could be made to the Nine Circles product it would in my view be perfect.

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