Kukishinden Daito

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Kukishinden Daito

£29.17 ex VAT
£35.00 inc VAT

Produced to precise specifications for Kukishinden Ryu practice, this unique Ninpo Bokken is the perfect Bokuto for this Koryu Ninjutsu sword art.


Crafted from Shiro Kashi, the traditional Japanese white oak favoured for its ideal balance between strength and flexibility, these Ninjutsu Bokken have a straight consistent grain and beautiful natural finish.


Suitable for both solo Kata and partner work incorporating traditional contact practices, the Kukishinden Bokken features a classic rounded Kissaki (tip), in keeping with an all-purpose Bokuto, emulating the tip of real Japanese sword.


The extra long Tsuka is paired with a traditional length blade which features an overall Sori (curvature) of approximately 8mm.  This Bokken is also compatible with our popular plastic Saya, making it the ideal wooden weapon for the Kukishinden Ryu.


Specification Details:




Weight Range*


Full Length


Blade Length


Tsuka Length


Tsuka Circumference


Tsuka Dimensions

2.5cm x 3.7cm

Tsuba Mount




Kissaki Style

Classic Rounded


*Weight listed is an average based on a sample of 20 pieces.  Specific weight may vary due to the natural materials in use and cannot be guaranteed.



Bokken Engraving



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£29.17 ex VAT £35.00 inc VAT

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Just received the bokken today.
Im really satisfied with the wood quality.
I also bought some kurumi oil to coat it as it comes without a finish.
It's nice that if you pick a leather tsuba they also send you a plastic one.
The leather tsuba came with some industrial lubricant that was a bit tacky.
After wiping it off and cleaning it I can say I am impressed by the rigidness of this tsuba.
Really great and protects hands well.
Overall satisfied and will be purchasing in the future!

Blessings of the Kami be upon you
All quality, Shiro Kashi, beautifully crafted and purposeful. Pragmatic and Zen simple. Heiwa to Ai, Uberbujin

Pricing needs to be explicit
This is a lovely bokken, nice weight and balance. I got the leather tsuba, but frankly the plastic one looks just as good.

Awesome Bokken
One of my favorite - My wish for the next time is a heavier version

Kukishinden Daito
A very nice bokken which i have used for a number of years. The extra hand length on the tsuka makes for extra reach and control, and has earned the nickname the 'big chopper' at my club. The white oak is also excellent quality and, apart from the usual marks of wear and tear, remains very solid and reliable

Togakure & Kukishinden Bokken
Fantastic Items, The specifications are perfect for Bujinkan Ninpo!... also the seperate plastic Saya is top quality and with a nice surface finish it keeps the bokken very secure in the Obi. Fast Delivery and great quality...

Beautiful Control
I bought this for it's longer Tsuka, to get that battle field katana feel. The lengthy tsuka gives very good control, and helps with accuracy. The bokken is very well balanced, medium weight, with the strength that you get from white oak. I bought a black Hana Tsuba, which against the white oak, creates a nice contrast; although it dose come with it's own tsuba. Very speedy delivery, & great service.

I have to say this is really nice quality, was fast to arrive, has a good weight to it and is sturdy enough to take a few knocks. Only flaw i found was that the tsuba that came with it didn't fit well so i had to adjust it.

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