Togakure Ryu Daito - 91cm

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Togakure Ryu Daito - 91cm

£43.20 ex VAT
£51.84 inc VAT

This Bokken has been specially produced to the traditional proportions of the average Togakure Ryu Daito used for Ninpo training. Total length 91cm (Tsuka length 35cm with a 56cm blade).


Hugely popular and able to withstand appropriate contact practice this is the ideal option for Bujinkan practitioners looking for a quality weapon which will last them for years.


Includes Tsuba & Dome.


Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine, consistent grain throughout their length and offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


Bokken Engraving



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£43.20 ex VAT £51.84 inc VAT


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