Silk Sageo - Deluxe 8 Shaku

£58.33 ex VAT
\ £70.00 inc VAT
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Silk Sageo - Deluxe 8 Shaku

£58.33 ex VAT
£70.00 inc VAT

The finest quality 8 Shaku hand woven silk Sageo.


Thick, stiff Sageo with a chunky weave, these incredible silk models are the pinnacle of quality.  Amongst the best Sageo available on the market today.


Available in Blue, Brown, Silver and Green with contrasting fleck pattern.


Total length 8 Shaku or 244cm approx.


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£58.33 ex VAT £70.00 inc VAT

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These are the best sageo I've found so far, if you like chunky quality-I love them! They are luxuriously wide and thick but still fit into the kurigata without too much sweat. The colours are vibrant and they arrive quite stiff if you like it that way (!), but a quick hand wash in cool water (and a Dylon 'dye catcher' sheet) leaves them beautifully sinuous and flexible allowing them to move very nicely indeed during sageo sabaki. My only criticism is at 8 Shaku they are too long for practitioners of Muso Shinden Ryu (who tie them to the right side) and some dojo leaders/grading panels might find them unacceptably long. I contemplated shortening mine myself, but at

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