Ishido Sensei Anniversary Tribute

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Ishido Sensei Anniversary Tribute

£18.00 ex VAT
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A unique story in pictures, this memorial book commemorates the 30th anniversary of Shizufumi Ishido Sensei's relationship with and travels to Europe, to transmit traditional Iaido to the west.


A truly stunning journey, this book is a limited edition, once stock is sold out, this line will be discontinued.  Buy now to be sure not to miss out!


Please note - This book is a pictorial tribute to Ishido Sensei, documenting in images his journey and experiences in teaching Iaido to European students for the past 30 years. This is not a written history of the evolution of Iaido practice in Europe, but a collection of photographs of Ishido Sensei and the people around him who have been involved in his journey.

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This title is more like a glossy-covered magazine in structure than a book which is a shame since it could've so easily been bound in a more substantial way.

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