Gokujo Jirushi Iaigi, Shitagi & Hakama Set

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Gokujo Jirushi Iaigi, Shitagi & Hakama Set

£111.00 ex VAT
£133.20 inc VAT

The Gokujo Jirushi Iaigi, Shitagi & Hakama sets are the perfect set for those looking for that special grading or Enbu outfit.


Lovingly crafted from a high class Japanese polyester fabric, these soft, comfortable Iaigi feature a beautiful linear grain and subtle sheen which exudes quality and style.


The set includes a 100% cotton Shitagi creating the classic layered look and prolonging the lifetime of the outer Gi.


The beautifully cut Hakama features a formal style wide Maehaba (front section) ideally suited to wider western hips.  The Himo (ties) are cut longer than average (front Himo 385cm, back Himo 205cm) to better accommodate larger body sizes and facilitate alternate tying styles.


The Hakama features partially stitched pleats, with a vertical line of stitching along the internal angle helping to define and maintain the structure.



Custom Embroidery




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£111.00 ex VAT £133.20 inc VAT

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great set , always looks smart & easy to take care of , a lot better than a set from Japan that cost nearly twice as much .

Iaigi, Shitagi & Hakama Set - Black Gokujo Jirushi Polyester
I'm very glad I ordered this iaigi and hakama. Very beautiful and top quality! Thanks 9C. You were very friendly and helpful! And fast delivery, all top!

I've got tetron and Polyester set, both is exellent quality. Polyester is better for laundry... Great thanks for shipping in France in 3 days, all sensei says that 9C is reference webshop in our country.

Amazing service and stuff
Thank you NineCircles for the fast shipping. The Iaigi and hakama are amazing. Excelent price to quality ratio. NineCircles will become my reference shop for kendo and iaido in Europe. Highly reccomended to everyone.

Excellent Set, very elegant and well made
This is the second time I purchase this set. I'm completely overwhelmed by the quality, great design and details. You won't be dissapointed buying this set. There is no chance it won't fit you and make you look like a serious Iaidoka. I recommend it 1000%.

Iaigi,Shitagi and Hakama set
As expected,a quick phone call to Nine Circles resulted in a really good quality Iaido set with excellent Zekken embroidery. The service was prompt and efficient, and the fit and cut of the garment was better than other Iaigi and Hakama sets I have purchased.

Iaigi, Shitagi & Hakama Set - Black Gokujo Jirushi Polyester
This is a very good value set. The fit is good and comfortable to wear. I asked for embroidery and this was completed quickly and efficiently - delivery was excellent. If you want it to be done to your satisfaction, you must give 9 circles specific clear instructions. The people are easy to speak with and very helpful.

Perfect for embus, gradings or just regular training
The quality is superb. It's beautifully tailored and gives a great posture.

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