Iai Shitagi (Undershirt) - Cotton

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\ £30.00 inc VAT
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Iai Shitagi (Undershirt) - Cotton

£25.00 ex VAT
£30.00 inc VAT

New Stock Due: Mid-Late August

These 100% cotton underwear are the perfect lightweight layer to wear beneath an Iaido Gi.


Shitagi (also know as Juban) preserve dignity for both male and female practitioners, and prolong the life of the outer Iaigi by becoming the primary component targeted for washing.


Our Shitagi are cut to fit discretely beneath the Iaigi, whilst allowing the classic white inner lapel to show high up on the upper chest where the Iaigi lapels cross. 



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£25.00 ex VAT £30.00 inc VAT

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Iai shitagi
Delivered in Italy in 7 days, product as good as shown in the picture. Assistance always available in reasonable time (thanks Martyn). Recommended!

Great product
Excellent product and arrived very fast. Thanks Nine Circles!

Iai Shitagi (Undershirt) - Cotton
Excellent product again from Nine Circles, good price, comfortable to wear. Many thanks for your excellent service yet again.

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