Iaido Obi - Wool Reversible

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Iaido Obi - Wool Reversible

£50.00 ex VAT
£60.00 inc VAT

This top quality reversible wool Obi can be worn as plain black or patterned blue in accordance with the occasion.

Made in Japan and typical of artisan style traditional clothing, this Obi is 7cm in width and 385cm in length.

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£50.00 ex VAT £60.00 inc VAT

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I have used cotton kaku obi and regular iaido obi, but the wool obi is my favorite one for Iai, even when I still use my kaku obi. The wool obi is more structured and slightly narrower than a kaku obi, and I feel it interacts with the saya in a nice way: It holds the saya nicely and allows plenty of movement for sayabiki at the same time. Since it is reversible, you can use it with a black iaido gi or with a blue jodo gi. I use the blue side with my black iaido gi and it looks fine. I bought mine around six years ago and is still in excellent condition. Nine Circles, great service as always.

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