Montsuki Kimono

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Montsuki Kimono

£81.00 £47.67 ex VAT
£57.20 inc VAT

Classic Montsuki Kimono in a high class polyester with a visible linear grain and subtle sheen, combined with a 100% cotton Shitagi undershirt.


Traditional formal wear, used by high level Iaido practitioners, Koryu practitioners for Embu and even as wedding attire, Montsuki Kimono are the archetypal garment associated with the Samurai class of feudal Japan. 


Our base model is presented without Kamon.  At an additional cost we can apply a selection of standard or custom Kamon, embroidered in the five classic locations, at the breast, on the reverse of the sleeves and at the nape of the neck.


These Budo style Montsuki Kimono are cut to be worn with split Hakama, hanging around the level of the mid-thigh.


Iaido practitioners should be aware that some federations have restrictions on which grades can wear Montsuki Kimono either at events or in the Dojo.  If in doubt ask your teacher before making a purchase.


Production time: approximately 3-10 working days.

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£47.67 ex VAT £57.20 inc VAT


Very happy with this kimono, and Nine Circles were very helpful in sorting out the custom Mon for me. Excellent service all round.

Kimono with mon
Really happy with this beautiful kimono, looks the part and is very comfortable to wear, as always delivery was very quick!!! Many thanks!!!

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