Kurin Stainless Steel Iaito - Hiranami Model

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Kurin Stainless Steel Iaito - Hiranami Model

£414.17 £290.00 ex VAT
£348.00 inc VAT



From the Shinto creation myths of Japan, through a myriad of legends of hideous sea monsters, to nationwide festivals giving thanks for the bounty of the ocean, the sea is intrinsically bound to Japanese culture and mythology.


The Hiranami model's Higo style hilt fittings depict a beautifully sculpted wave design, complemented by a flowing crescent Tsuba in blackened steel.


Kurin produce professional quality Iaido swords for the international market. The very purpose of an Iaito is to emulate a real sword as closely as possible, whilst eliminating the danger factor involved when practicing with a 'live' blade.


These unique stainless steel Iaito fulfil that function to perfection. Blade geometry, weight, balance, material flex and performance are all near identical to the high quality Shinken Kurin produce for advanced Iaido practice, making these Iaito the perfect option for Seitei and Koryu Iai practice.


These swords are strictly for use outside of Japan where the law proscribes the use of the superior stainless steel materials for the production of unregistered blades.


Features of these models include:


Iaido Blade - blades are slimmed down and have a full Hi to reduce overall weight and improve balance.


430 Stainless Steel - the ideal balance between strength and flexibilty, this tempered 430 stainless steel behaves near identically to the high carbon steel found in Kurin's production Shinken and is not at risk of stress factors sometimes seen in alloy Iaito blades.


Mirror Polish - a huge advantage over Japanese Iaito, these blades are polished to a mirror finish. This eliminates the risk of chrome fatigue and offers the chance to polish out damage caused by accidental contact with the floor or other blades.


Cast Kanagu - Cast fittings in classic Japanese designs bring an additional touch of class to complete the package.  Patina and finish may vary from images.


These swords do not include a stand.


These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection and UK paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details


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£290.00 ex VAT £348.00 inc VAT

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I chose the Kurin Stainless Steel Hiranami Iaito. Mine is 2.5 shaku and has served me very well. The ito and fittings are sturdy and very durable. The weight is close to that of a shinken and has made the transition virtually seamless. I would highly recommend this over the aluminium-zinc alloy swords. Only negative is a slight rattle in the saya, otherwise excellent quality.

Last night I tried my brand-new Hiranami for the first time... It's 2.45-shaku, 907g, and the results exceeded my expectations - perfect balance, a very pleasant tachikaze. In combination with Nine Circles' excellent customer service, it makes it a wonderful experience. Thank you, guys!

High quality sword
Very high quality blade for the price. Well balanced and discreet "swoosh" when swung. Tsuka and wrapping above my expectation, ito very tight! Quality on saya could be higher but it works for what it is intended to do. Excellent customer service from Nine Circles.

Well balanced
As its my first iaito, i can just say - its nice and shiny. And, i like it's made from steel. And more experienced colegues said its well balanced. So - its good in money/performance value.

Kurin Iaitos
I've been buying these the Kurin practice swords' for a little while now and after using other manufactured swords I say quite honestly for what the cost of these Nine C's models are, you can't go wrong. The build quality is very good and is very good value in my opinion, plus the staff are very helpful on the phone and are very honest if they can't help you, which is rare now days. I've also purchased many other of Nine C's products and the quality of product remains high. Great products and first class service from a good company

Iaito Kurin stainless steel
Same as the above regarding the Maki Ito.The blade is flawless and balanced.I was expecting less to be perfectly honest ,but i was surprised by the quality of the items.Very good packaging as well.Although the box was wet (blame local courier service provider) not a single drop reached the wrapped items.It was the second time i trusted NineCircles for my shopping and i dont regret it.personaly suggest the Kurin Stainless steel for beginers and/or more advanced for the daily practice.

Value for money and even more
These Iaitos are worth every

My first Iaito and it is being praised!
Since I'm a beginner on Iaido I can not comment on the quality of the Iaito because this is my first one. I can however say that my sensei has acknowledged my Iaito as being good and that I should buy a worthy sageo for it because it deserves better. As for me, I am pretty happy with it. I like how my Iaito is balanced and how everything is well made. It is a really beautiful Iaito and the hamon is very nice.

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