Kurin Stainless Steel Iaito - Matsu Model

£375.00 ex VAT
\ £450.00 inc VAT
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Kurin Stainless Steel Iaito - Matsu Model

£375.00 ex VAT
£450.00 inc VAT

The Matsu (pine tree) is a traditional Japanese symbol of longevity, virtue and youth.Strongly associated with the animistic national religion of Japan, Shinto, many of the largest and most ancient pines are considered Yorishiro, sacred trees capable of attracting Kami and seen bearing the iconic Shimenawa ropes and Shide streamers.

The Matsu Iaito model sees Jidai style Kanagu (hilt fittings) with a traditional pine design are coupled here with a classic geometric motif Tsuba in blackened steel.

Kurin produce professional quality Iaido swords for the international market. The very purpose of an Iaito is to emulate a real sword as closely as possible, whilst eliminating the danger factor involved when practicing with a 'live' blade.

These unique stainless steel Iaito fulfil that function to perfection. Blade geometry, weight, balance, material flex and performance are all near identical to the high quality Shinken Kurin produce for advanced Iaido practice, making these Iaito the perfect option for Seitei and Koryu Iai practice.

These swords are strictly for use outside of Japan where the law proscribes the use of the superior stainless steel materials for the production of unregistered blades.

Features of these models include:

Iaido Blade - blades are slimmed down and have a full Hi to reduce overall weight and improve balance.

430 Stainless Steel - the ideal balance between strength and flexibilty, this tempered 430 stainless steel behaves near identically to the high carbon steel found in Kurin's production Shinken and is not at risk of stress factors sometimes seen in alloy Iaito blades.

Mirror Polish - a huge advantage over Japanese Iaito, these blades are polished to a mirror finish. This eliminates the risk of chrome fatigue and offers the chance to polish out damage caused by accidental contact with the floor or other blades.

Silver Kanagu - silver fittings in classic Japanese designs bring an additional touch of class to complete the package.

These swords do not include a stand.

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1st iaito
I have had my iaito for a few weeks now, so time to make comments. Firstly I have to say thank you to Ninecircles for great customer suport and service. Then the sword itself, it is very well finished and is well balanced making it a joy to use. It seems like it will give a good few years of service so all in all I would say its well worth the price I paid.

Very good iaito
I've bought this iaito cause I've tryed a kurin Iaito before. As the one I've tryed before my purchase, the weight and balanced of this iaito are really good and exactly match what I was looking for. In addition, Martyn helped me a lot to do my choice. Fast delivery in France: less than a week. Finitions are good. According to my personal taste, I do not find it especialy "beautiful" however when I have it in my hands I find it WONDERFUL and the feeling is excellent. This is far away the most important point for a good practice of iaido. Last but not least, the price is really good for such a high quality product. That's why this iaito deserves a 5 star rating. Big thanks to Martyn & Ninecircles.

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