Minosaka Iaito - Tokusei

£325.00 ex VAT
\ £390.00 inc VAT
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Minosaka Iaito - Tokusei

£325.00 ex VAT
£390.00 inc VAT

Minosaka are a famous Japanese Iaito manufacturer with decades of experience in producing swords built specially for Iaido practice.


Our range of Tokusei Iaito are specifically produced with lightweight blades to suit the modern Iaido market.


Good quality steel Tsuba coupled with cotton Ito, simple hilt fittings and excellent assembly and overall finish, make these Iaito an excellent starting point for any Iaidoka.


These pieces also feature a lacquered high gloss black Saya and Rayon 7 Shaku Sageo. Weights will vary with length and also from exact piece to piece, as all swords are hand finished.


An average weight for a sword of this model is between 700-750g approximately.


These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection and UK paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details.


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£325.00 ex VAT £390.00 inc VAT



Koshirae, blade and saya were all in fantastic condition on delivery. The team helped with any questions on the process of buying too, which is always reassuring.

I've used this sword for upwards of 50 hours Dojo training so far and it has been a pleasure to use. A light coating of white mineral oil every week keeps the blade nice and "slidey" whilst the fitment in the saya and the sturdiness of the blade in the tsuka is still just as strong as the first time I used it.

My only real problem comes from the tsuka being a little too short for me, but it is still a very comfortable iaito to use for short and extended periods. I'll be using it for years to come.

Extremely pleased with this, and as ever excellent service from Nine Circles.

Very happy with the quality!

I have purchased equipment from nine circles for some time now and have always been impressed with the service and the quality of the kit so I recently decided to buy my first liato from them. To say that I am over the moon with the Minosaka liato would be an understatement. ..it's just spectacular and at a very reasonable price. Martyn and Lee where only an email away and answers to all my questions was met with a friendly and professional response. The actual purchase and delivery of the liato was easy and flawless. I can only thank the guys at nine circles for all their help.
Cheers guys.

This is a Great affordable lightweight iaito.
From what I have read Minosaka mostly cuts costs in their more affordable iaito by spending less time on the polish of the blade, I think this is the way to go because you get a solid and well balanced iaito at a good price.
The polish has more imperfections than my more expensive iaito, for example there are some light evenly spaced scratches in the bo-hi that I assume are leftovers from the manufacturing of the raw blade.

I'm very happy!
Successful purchase and good quality

The bread and butter of our dojo this is the go to iaito that is advised to all our students for there first sword *****

Thanks Nine Circles
Quick delivery,fair price,nice weight makes a nice sound,cant wait for training tonight,slight rattle which after oiling a few time will put a stop to that,thanks once again.

Minosaka Tokusei
Very impressed with this sword, this is my first iaito and I have to say build quality is fantastic.

Minosaka Iaito - Tokusei
This is my first Iaito, although I have used many over the years. The quality and build for the price is excellent. This is NOT a cheap blade but a very good low priced one.

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