Kurin Shoden Shinken - Iaido

£750.00 ex VAT
\ £900.00 inc VAT
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Kurin Shoden Shinken - Iaido

£750.00 ex VAT
£900.00 inc VAT



Kurin swords represent some of the best value production Shinken on the global market.


Specialising in high quality tools for Iaido and Tameshigiri, Kurin's models bridge the gap between production models and bespoke Nihonto, at a fraction of the price.


Features of these models include:


Iaido Blade - blades are slimmed down and have a full Hi to reduce overall weight and improve balance.


T-10 Steel - high carbon mono-steel, forged and differentially tempered to produce a variable hardness (Ha - 57HRC, Mune 35HRC).


Hand Polish - traditional stones are used throughout the polishing process to produce an outstanding finish, showing the grain of the steel and to reveal the genuine Hamon.


Cast Kanagu - Cast fittings in classic Japanese designs bring an additional touch of class to complete the package.  Patina and finish may vary from images.


These swords do not include a stand.


Warning - These swords are extremely sharp, Nine Circles does not accept any liability for any injury caused through their use.


These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection and UK paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details


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£750.00 ex VAT £900.00 inc VAT

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Really nice product will be advising this too my students *****

Shinken exceeded expectations
Having previously owned a Kurin Shinken for a number of years I felt it was natural to go for such a trusted blade. Having received my Shinken I was very pleased with my new sword, lovely weight, balance, hamon and fittings. The Tombo fittings in silver really set the sword apart from all previous swords I have owned. I also feel that I was treated as both a customer and a friend by all the Ninecircles staff. I can always trust ninecircles and that goes a long way, many thanks.

Nine Circles for ever!
After buying a Tokujo Iaito - Silver Custom Made, about 2 years and half ago, and have had immediatly a great feeling with this sword (great balancing and sound), I tried with a Kurin Shoden Shinken, after a bad experience with a sword of a "great" american manufacturer (...). I made a session of tameshi-giri last week ...and it was a wonderful tameshi! Cutted as I never cutted, really sharpened and greatly balanced as the Iaito. Also others Iaidoka tried to cut and all give the same impressions: perfect cut and balancing and, like a cherry on cake, an impressive sound (a "thinnn" vibrating) at the end of cut. As in title: for me only Nine Circles for ever. And in my dojo other 2 people will buying their Iaito here, after my words and I think I'll buy a Kurin stainless steel Iaito. Really well done!

I'll probably never need to buy another
I've been increasingly unlucky with buying swords online. I know all the terminolgy, the steel types and forging proces and so on - it's not because I'm an unimformed buyer, it's just that most of the swords out there are scams to be honest. And even the ones that manage to cut will handle like a crowbar. I've trusted Ninecircles with many of my Kendo and to an extent Iai puchases over the years, so I after a back and forth talk with the owners, to get a feel of their sincerity, I decided to take yet another chance... And boy am I happy I did so. They're absolutely correct when they say that these swords at this price is a bargain, I've never held anything like it. The steel, the forging, the differencial tempers and hardness and of course the balance and sharpness - everything is exactly as promised. These swords will sing for you, so treat them with respect. Luckily for me, I will never need to buy another Katana - What's the point.

Kurin Shinken
I have been dealing with Nine Circles for 8 years now and keep coming back because their service is very good and they supply quality products at fair prices. I needed to replace my old iaito and decided on a Kurin shinken and am pleased I did. This sword is very precisely made, no slop or slack at all and cuts precisely - demanding equal precision from the user. An excellent incentive to improving practice. Highly recommended.

I want to buy!!
You guys have great stuff, but I wish I knew what things were going to cost in US dollars..I haven't found an equivalent store here in the US..You need to get a currency converter on your site :-) Thanks for listening. Rob Nelson, Obukan Kendo, Portland OR USA

One year on...
I have had one of these shinken for a little over a year. After a disastrous on-line iaito purchase from one of the big Japanese suppliers I will never buy a sword again without checking balance and build quality hands on. I made an appointment to visit Nine Circles and inspected every 'Kurin Shoden Shinken for Iai' they had in my Length (2.45). The build quality was excellent across the whole range, neat and tight tsuka maki and well fitted habaki/tsuba etc. The final blade polishing had left some of the swords with a very slightly angular look around the yokote, but I guess I'm pretty picky... However, the sword I ended up with is just lovely. For a shinken it is incredibly light and the balance is spot on. The blade has a delightful deep curve, with the tsuka shaped perfectly to match. The hamon is simple but beautiful and, despite not being folded, close inspection reveals a nice (if small) grain. The blade feels very solid when cutting and provides a very pleasing tachikaze.

I have recently bought a 2.6 shinken, and must say I am very pleased. Great weight, balance and feel, good fittings. Even better, was the service the NineCircles team provided! Prompt and swift feedback on the ordering and - despite shipping to mainland Europe - delivery within the week! The only minor improvement area, is the saya. It has an ok fit to the blade (but not perfect), but also has a slightly "light" feel to it (The Kurin iaito has a more solid saya).

New Blade
What can I say? Another first class example of customer service and quality products! Ordered a new 2.45 Shinken and it was delivered within a few short days; communication was great and the sword itself was just what I wanted! I have used 9 Circles for many years now and will continue to do so in the future, I urge YOU to do the same!

Bonne lame
Je suis tr

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