Kurin Shoden Shinken - Wakizashi

£562.50 ex VAT
\ £675.00 inc VAT
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Kurin Shoden Shinken - Wakizashi

£562.50 ex VAT
£675.00 inc VAT

Kurin swords represent some of the best value production Shinken on the global market.


Specialising in high quality tools for Iaido and Tameshigiri, Kurin's models bridge the gap between production models and bespoke Nihonto, at a fraction of the price.


Features of these models include:


Tameshigiri Blade - full profile blades without Hi, suitable for full spirited test cutting practice of appropriate targets.


T-10 Steel - high carbon mono-steel, forged and differentially tempered to produce a variable hardness (Ha - 57HRC, Mune 35HRC).


Hand Polish - traditional stones are used throughout the polishing process to produce an outstanding finish, showing the grain of the steel and to reveal the genuine Hamon.


Cast Kanagu - Cast fittings in classic Japanese designs bring an additional touch of class to complete the package.  Patina and finish may vary from images.


These swords do not include a stand.


Warning - These swords are extremely sharp, Nine Circles does not accept any liability for any injury caused through their use.

These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection and UK paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details


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£562.50 ex VAT £675.00 inc VAT

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Very happy with this purchase. It really is great - it feels amazing, has great balance, sits snugly in the saya, ito is really solid and neat and looks just as good as my japanese made iaito. Everything is tight, and it cuts just like its supposed to.
Thick and robust blade, nice dotanuki-ish swelling at the yokote/ kissaki.

Only slight nitpick I have is that the same' on one side of the handle is less white/ more browned than the other. It does make it look more 'handmade' though :)

I just received my new wakazashi & I couldn't be happier with it so far. If there is a word to sum up this sword it would be "solid". There is little to no rattle in sheathed & no rattle or looseness in the tsuka or tsuba. All the furnitures are well made & fit perfectly. The blade has a lovely hamon & is sharp as a razor. I'm happy to add this piece to my daisho & I recommend Nine Circles over other retailers w high dollar swords including Bugei Company. Nine Circles is the best for quality & customer service.

Great Wakizashi
I visited Nine Circles a few months ago and saw the last wakizashi they had at the time, it felt great but had the wrong fittings for my choice. Quentin and Martyn said they would email me when the new batch came in and this was prompt and they selected a great blade for me. I have just finished my first test cutting with my new wakizashi and all I can say is wow! It has great balance, feel and cuts through tatami like a very warm knife through butter. I didn't think a Wakizashi could cut so well and if you want a great companion sword at a great price then this is a great choice. Again the service is second to none and I cant thank Quentin, Martyn and the rest of the team enough.

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