Same Strips

$35.45 ex VAT
\ $42.54 inc VAT
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Same Strips

$35.45 ex VAT
$42.54 inc VAT

Pair of of Samé strips for Tsuka inserts. Natural Samé rayskin, pre-prepared for use beneath the binding.


Each strip measures 26.5cm x 2.3cm approximately (for up to 9 sun Tsuka).  Ura strips may be in two parts and are designed to be jointed beneath the Tsuka Maki.

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$35.45 ex VAT $42.54 inc VAT

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Same strips
We have only recently stated to use the same strips, before we cut our own. I must say that these really are very good quality and for the person who can't have a full wrap the same panels are the way to go. We only use the best materials and this is one of them.

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