Tozando Deluxe Polyester Iaigi & Hakama Set

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Tozando Deluxe Polyester Iaigi & Hakama Set

£216.67 ex VAT
£260.00 inc VAT

Tozando’s flagship model, the TEN Deluxe Polyester Iaidogi and Hakama set is lovingly tailored in Kyoto, Japan.


Made from high class Poplin fabric, this material brings an alluring matt finish with reduced lustre resulting in a garment set which exudes an easy elegance and impeccable finish.


The perfect thickness, the Poplin fabric is an all-season option, suited equally to hot and cold weather practice. The TEN Iaido Gi features an Okumi seam detail, in the same style as a Kimono, with a folded lapel and separate front panel which accentuates the traditional style and improves the shape and silhouette when in use.


The Hakama features crisply pressed pleats which are reinforced with an internal pleat stich. This helps the garment to hold its classic slim profile during practice, to fold and wash more easily and to reduce or eliminate the need to iron after use.


Hakama Himo feature an additional central longitudinal stitching line, which increases the durability of the ties and assists with the tight fastening of the Hakama to prevent slippage during practice.


Everything considered an exquisitely crafted yet highly practical clothing set, perfect for those higher level practitioners looking for the ultimate in quality and style.


Poplin (Polyester 65%, Rayon 35%).



Custom Embroidery




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£216.67 ex VAT £260.00 inc VAT

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